Instructions for submission of abstract

Authors may submit original unpublished research for either a platform presentation (8 minutes followed by a 2-minutes discussion) or as a poster. Authors should indicate the preferred method of presentation on the Abstract Submission Form. Authors should indicate also the category of presentation (�Tand�U). The technical program committee will attempt to honor the indicated preference. Senior authors are limited to one report. �@�@

Begins the title flush. The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the study. Follow with first and last name of authors (first name first in all cases).  After authors, give name of institution where the work was done.

Leave a double space before beginning the body of abstract. Abstract must be less than 120 words. Abstract should be informative and should contain (a) a brief statement of methods, (b) a summary of the results, and (c) a statement of conclusion.�@

Authors should submit their abstracts via e-mail ( �@

On the Abstract Submission Form be sure to include the full name, address, fax, telephone and electronic mail address of the first author. �@

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