(1) General Program

�@ �@Special Lecture 1 :

Cutting Edge of Medical Science in the 21st Century

Chairpersons : Kazuya Yamanouchi, Nippon Institute for Biological Science.
Hiroaki Miyajima, Shin nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd.�@�@

1�j�@Frontier in Immunology.
�@�@ Shigeo Koyasu, Keio Univ. Sch. Med.

2�j�@Leading Edge of Brain Science.
�@�@ Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, Inst. Med. Sci., Univ. Tokyo

3�j�@ES and Germ Cells for the Embryo Technology
�@�@ and Regenerative Medicine.
�@�@ Norio Nakatsuji, Inst Front Med. Sci., Kyoto Univ.�@

4�j�@New Trends of Safety Evaluation in Pharmaceutical Research
�@ �@from Discovery to Development.

�@ �@Ikuo Horii. Nippon Roche Res. Ctr. �@�@�@


�@�@Special Lecture 2 :

�@The Law Concerning Humane Treatment and Management of animals - The Objective of the Administration.


�@�@Symposium :

�@Animal Experimentation in Space�@

Chairperson : Toshiharu Nagaoka, Fujita Health Univ.

�@1�j Prospects of Animal Experiments in Space.
�@�@�@ Shigeo Mori, Res. Inst. Environ. Med., Nagoya Univ.

�@2�j Studies on Regulation of the Blood Circulation in Space - Space
�@�@�@ Experiments Usin Mammals.
�@�@�@ Tsuyoshi  Shimizu, Fukushima Med. Univ. Sch. Med

�@3�j Experiments Using Aquatic Animals in Space.
�@�@�@ Tadaaki Moritomo, Dep. Vet. Sci., Nihon Univ.

�@4�j�@Global Harmonization : The Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
�@�@�@ for Life Science Research in Space.
�@�@�@ Kiyoaki Katahira, Fukushima Med. Univ. Sch. Med.


�i2�j�@Symposia to be held under the auspices of cosponsors

�@�@Academic Symposium of the Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Science
�@�@Symposium of the Japanese Association for Experimental Animal Technologists
�@�@Symposium of the Japan Experimental Animal Feed Association
�@�@Educational Seminar of the Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine
�@�@Symposium of the Japanese Society for Laboratory Animal and Environment
�@�@Symposium of the Society for LEC Rat Reserch
�@�@Symposium of the Symposium of the Japan society of Disease & Bio-System Model
�@�@Forum on Laboratory Animal Technology

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