The Aim of �gJapanese Congress of�@Laboratory Animal Science and Technology 2001�h

Kazuyoshi Maejima, D.V.M., Ph.D. Professor, Keio University School of Medicine President, The Japanese Congress of Laboratory Animal Science and Technology 2001

�@In�@order�@to�@promote�@high-quality�@animal experimentation�@in a poor research environment following�@World War�U,�@Japanese medical�@and biological researchers established in�@1951�@the �@�gJapanese Society for Studying Experimental Animals�h,�@ which has evolved into the present �gJapanese Association for Laboratory�@ Animal Science, Corp. �h ( JALAS ). The development of JALAS has also given birth, directlyor�@indirectly, �@to�@more than20�@societies�@or�@associations relevant�@to�@laboratoryanimals. These societies or associations collaborated or competed with each other to develop laboratory animal science,�@�@ technology and industries and as a result have contributed to the progress of medicine and biology.  JALAS,�@which has the longest history among the societies�@or�@associations related to laboratory animals in Japan, wil�@hold its�@48th�@academic meeting in 2001. The year 2001 falls on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Japanese Society for Studying Experimental Animals, �@in other words,�@the birth �@of�@ the Japanese Academic world of laboratory animal science. Hence we have planned, with�@the�@collaboration�@of�@pertinentsocieties or associations in Japan,�@ to hold a monumental �@�@�gJapanese Congress �@of�@ Laboratory Animal Science and�@Technology �@2001�h,�@ in which the history�@of�@the past�@ 50 �@years will be reflected in the field of   laboratory animal science and technology. The opportunity will be taken to discuss future directions and developments as well.

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